Affiliate partners

We work with other communities to promote, improve and build around web3print, and in exchange, we share 20% of the profit margin made from sales on that specific collection. We add a 50% margin on top of the production cost of Printful for the products to cover the cost of conversion (crypto to fiat), platform development & maintenance, transfer fees, marketing, customer support, and taxes.

Things to do as an affiliate:

  • Act as an ambassador - share & promote web3print to your community
  • Earn 20% of the profit margin for you and your community
  • Contribute with feedback to improve web3print

Partners so far:

Super Rare Bears

Owning a Super Rare Bear NFT also grants membership to the Elite Super Rare Club which will give you access to special merchandise, members-only game rooms, special discounts, weekly raffles, governance, and other future use cases.


Frizzy is a 7777 NFT collection of cartoonish, unique, red-haired character that was inspired by our toddler. The art used in creating the project is composed of 140 different hand-drawn elements.

Dragons Arena

Dragons Arena is a collection of 5,888 unique and randomly generated 3D Dragons, that will be unleashed on the Elrond Blockchain on February 25th and rendered in Unreal Engine, the world's most powerful game engine.
For partnerships, please drop us a message on Twitter.


Super Victor

To support Victor, we'll donate 20% of the profit margin made from orders with the Super Victor (SUPERVIC-f07785) and Giants Victor (VICTOR-6e8db1) NFTs.