What is the Giants Village?

Giants Village is a digital space built with the community, for the community. It’s a 2D game where you can earn while playing, farm resources, build your own village, make decisions, and collaborate with the community to build a space where everyone can belong. All the items in the game will be NFTs/SFTs that you will own and be able to trade at any time, on any marketplace.
Giants Village
Each player will aim to build:
  • His own village. It’s your own village where you can stake, farm, and earn.
  • The Giants World. It’s an open world that brings together all the villages; You can trade, construct shared buildings and collaborate with every active player.
At the start, you will be guided through the first steps to kick off your village.
More Giants means a bigger village at the start. And a bigger village at the start means you can grow faster and produce more resources to trade. Over time you will be able to trade your items in a marketplace with other players trying to grow their village or new players who want to join the community.
To achieve our vision for the Giants Village and the entire Giants ecosystem, we’ll first need to build some important tech blocks. Read more about this below 👇