We started Elrond Giants planning to take over the metaverse.
Seven months later, we’re still working towards the same goal, as strong as ever. We built web3print(called Elrond Print before), myERD, the Raffle, and a wonderful community on top of everything. It’s time to consolidate and get more focused on our initial objective: to create a digital space where people can collaborate to build and earn.
In the current market context, we kept building and kept providing value for the community & for the entire Elrond ecosystem (launched Elrond’s Dev Hub, published open-source stuff, and contributed to the Elrond’s Dev Guild). We are part of the community, and we will keep building for the long term.
During the last two months, we took a step back and started to rethink our strategy for the following years to come. We started to replan the roadmap, think of better ways to finance the project and decentralize ownership and governance.
This light paper is only the first version of the road ahead.
Giants Village