Giants Village dAapp

To achieve our vision for the Giants Village and the entire Giants ecosystem, we’ll first need to create some essential building blocks that will represent the base of everything we build further.
The Giants Village dApp will be the only dApp you’ll need to access and connect to as a Giant owner. Here you’ll be able to find stats about the collection, rarity, rewards, or your Giants, have access to web3print, MyERD, and the raffle game, DAO portal, staking, and the game.
As we did until now, we’ll try to open-source as much code as we can and open our services for other projects to use.
This dApp will evolve and grow over time, but at first, it will contain:
  • A collection & owner dashboard
  • web3print
  • MyERD
  • The Giants Raffle game
  • DAO portal
  • Staking
  • The Giants Game
Over time we will add more functionalities and the ability to integrate 3rd party dApps (for example, imagine being able to use the Proteo DeFi dApp directly from the Giants Village).