Use of funds

Giants Village use of funds
The Treasury will start to be controlled by the community once a DAO structure will be in place. Until then, rewards will be accumulated and used only on special occasions if decided together with the community.
The DAO structure should be initiated at the end of this year, once enough $GIANT token is in circulation.
The Reserve and Treasury will accumulate funds (eGLD/Tokens) and assets (NFTs) from other sources, not just the ones specified above.

What does Support NGOs mean?

Even though we’re working on creating digital products, we still live most of our life in the physical world. Inspired by Elrond’s green vision, we’ll join forces to create projects that will help the planet and the society we live in.
Until now, we already donated 7000 EUR to help our Giant brothers from Ukraine 🇺🇦 and 10% of our 5th batch (30 eGLD) to help Victor.