Strategic partners

We seek strategic partnerships to build better experiences for the Elrond ecosystem.

Proteo DeFi

PROTEO is an Exclusive Elrond Defi Suite, and takes advantage of the robustness of the Maiar DEX to carry out operations. It expands the possibilities of the DEX with new products for investors that add value to the DEX’s already established solid tools.
Benefits for Giants holders:
  • Purchase in Pre-sale 2 at a discounted price
  • Participate in a pool with rewards called Proteo HyperNFTs
  • Participate in Proteo raffles and pay with GIANT tokens
  • Ask for a loan in the Proteo Lending platform using Giants NFTs as collateral

Victoria Land

VictoriaLand is the Web 3 project of Victoria Ecosystems. Victoria Ecosystems is a company that is working to digitalize nature in order to better protect and manage ecosystems, while making biodiversity truly visible for all humans. Victoria goes way beyond merely adopting green practices for the sake of goodness, they are leveraging the best technology and partnerships to become a data empire in the complex, more ecologically friendly and stable world of the future.
Lines of collaboration:
  • Victoria Masterclasses
  • web3print
  • Giants Village Game

NF-Tim by Creative Tim

Creative Tim is a well-established company with templates used by entities like Stanford University. Now, we'll unite forces to help improve the Web 3 ecosystem on the Elrond Network.
NF-Tim by Creative Tim is the first NFT utility project for Developers and Designers powered by the Elrond Network.
We've already started to work together to improve the dev ecosystem on Elrond by publishing an open-source minting dApp template.
This is just the beginning of the awesome things we'll do together. We'll work together to help improve the dev ecosystem on Elrond.