Partner with us

We partner with other collections in the Elrond ecosystem to increase visibility for them and the Giants community sustainably. We try to avoid sketchy tactics and focus on building value for both communities.

Here are a few ways you can partner with us:

web3print affiliate partner

We work with other communities to promote, improve and build web3print. We share 20% of the profit margin made from sales with NFTs from that specific collection.

Raffle sponsorship

We organize biweekly raffles where people need to buy tickets with eGLD or $GIANT for the chance to win prize(s) from us and our raffle partners.
In exchange for sponsoring our raffle game, we will promote your project on our Discord, Twitter, and Telegram 3 times during the game.

Community airdrops

If you're minting your NFT collection, we can help you promote and increase visibility in our community. The best way to do that so far was to create content that explains your plans coupled with an airdrop to increase interest.
If interested, drop us a message on Twitter, or contact our team on Discord.